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White Papers

Simple Tips For Ramping Up Your Retirement Savings

No matter where you are in your life, saving for retirement is likely one of your most important financial goals. But, even if you have professional guidance and a clear strategy for your desired future, you could still be missing some straightforward ways to maximize your savings.
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How Much Will you Spend When You Retire

You may have heard that people spend less once they are retired. Statistically, that is true. The question is whether a retiree has enough income to meet his or her expenses.
Ideally, retirees should be able to live comfortably on 70-85% of their end salaries and draw their retirement fund down no more than 4-5% per year during a 30-year retirement. Are these two objectives realistic for the average retiree household?
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Financial Tips For Newlyweds

Managing Finances before Marriage Can Hep Couples Avoid Common Pitfalls
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Smaller Living – More Americans Are Considering Alternatives To Living Large

No matter what you call it—downsizing, tiny living, minimalism, microliving, or going (mostly) off the grid—living smaller and with less stuff is a thing these days. People don’t just embrace this lifestyle because it is all they can afford; some do it because they want to spend less. Plus, downsizing and simplifying your life often go hand in hand.
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Investment Pitfalls High Net-Worth Investors Should Avoid

Few words better characterize today’s financial markets than uncertainty. We believe investors need to adjust their expectations in order to adapt to the road ahead. It seems to be the nature of today’s markets to subject investors to price fluctuations and confusing global events that test emotional fortitude at every turn. Experience has taught us that successful investing requires discipline and the patient execution of a long-term strategy, most especially when it is emotionally difficult. In fact, that is usually the time when opportunities are greatest.
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Women And Investing

Women investors face many challenges to building wealth and securing their financial future. This guide was developed as a resource for women who are seeking guidance on how to take control of their financial lives. We hope that you will find it useful and we encourage you to take notes as you go along and write down any questions you may have.
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7 Principles of Long-term Investing

Increasing your wealth over time is about more than making the right stock picks or always buying low and selling high. Too often, we see intelligent investors shoot themselves in the feet by making fundamental errors in their investing strategy.
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Paying Off Your Mortgage

Home loans frequently make up significant amounts of household debt, and reducing as much debt as possible before entering retirement can seem like a good idea. A 2013 survey found that 40% of Americans ages 55 and older believe that paying off their mortgage was the smartest financial move they ever made.1 There’s also a certain peace of mind that can come from having one less bill to pay in your later years.
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6 Important Financial Strategies For Your 20’s & 30’s

20 and 30-somethings have very different personal finance and investing priorities than their parents. Instead of worrying about Social Security benefits and catch-up IRA contributions, you might be worrying about digging yourself out of student loan debt, buying a house, or establishing yourself in a new career.
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6 Critical Social Security Facts Retirees Must Know

Social Security provides an important source of guaranteed income for most Americans. Choosing the right claiming strategy is even more important under new Social Security regulations.
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